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Paronomasia Definition and Examples

Paronomasia also called  agnominatio is a rhetorical term  for punning, playing with words. The point of paronomasia, says  Wolfgang G. Mà ¼ller, is that a mere accidental phonetic relationship assumes the appearance of a semantic relationship. (Iconicity and Rhetoric in The Motivated Sign, 2001). The term paronomasia is sometimes used more loosely to describe a combination of words that are similar in sound. Etymology From the Greek: para: beside, onoma: name   Examples and Observations A good farmer is nothing more nor less than a handyman with a sense of humus.(E.B. White, The Practical Farmer)Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.(credited to Tom Waits)I used to be a tap dancer until I fell in the sink.The Lone Hydrangea(name of a flower shop in Melbourne, Australia)Curl Up and Dye(beauty salon in London)Al’s Clip Joint(barber shop in London)Rock and Sole Plaice(fish chip shop in London)Award Wieners(Hollywood hot dog stand in Disneyland)Thai Me Up(Thai restaurant in Manhattan)I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it.(Groucho Marx)Well, Id rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.(Tom Waits on Fernwood2Night, 1977)Dishgusted, dishgusted, dishgusted.(ad for Lux dishwashing liquid)Were tobacco men . . . not medicine men. Old Gold cures just one thing. The Worlds Best Tobacco.(advertising slogan for Old Gold cigarettes)Peace is much more precious than a piece of land.(Anwar al-Sadat, speech in Cairo on March 8, 1978)Oh look—it has B-12 in it. I didn’t know that B-4.(commercial for Kelloggs Bran)Your children need your presence more than your presents.(Jesse Jackson)Contraceptives should be used on every conceivable occasion.(Spike Milligan)Horse Lovers are Stable People.(saying on a pillow in the Potpourri gift catalog)Every bubbles passed its fizzical(slogan for Corona soft drink)Yea, and so used it that were it not here apparent that thou art heir apparent.(Falstaff to Prince Hal in Henry IV, Part 1 by William Shakespeare) Paronomasia in Shakespeare Henry Peacham warns that [paronomasia] ought to be sparingly used, and especially in grave and weightie causes: that it is a light and illuding forme, which seemeth not to be found without meditation and affected labor. Contemporary awareness of its hazards, however, prevented neither [William] Shakespeare nor [Lancelot] Andrewes from employing paronomasia in the most serious of contexts. Desdemona, for example, catches her husbands habit of wordplay in trying to determine the reasons for his sudden coldness toward her; I cannot say Whore, she asserts, immediately before saying its sound again: It dos abhorre me now I speake the word (4.2)... Over and over, the force of the gathering objection to punning in general and to paronomasia in particular seems to have been that the fortuitousness of the connections it insists on makes it fundamentally a comic device; its appearance on the lips of a dying hero or, perhaps even more shockingly, at the climax of a sermon, came increasingly to be regarded as willfully and absurdly inappropriate. (Sophie Read. Puns: Serious Wordplay. Renaissance Figures of Speech, ed. by Sylvia Adamson, Gavin Alexander, and Katrin Ettenhuber. Cambridge University Press, 2008) The Lighter Side of Paronomasia: A Pungent Chapter The following half-baked exercise in  paronomasia  appeared in  Gleanings From the Harvest-Fields of Literature, Science and Art: A Melange of Excerpta, Curious, Humorous, and Instructive, edited by Charles C. Bombaugh (T. Newton Kurtz, 1860).   A Pun-Gent Chapter At one time there was a general strike among the workingmen of Paris, and Theodore Hook gave the following amusing account of the affair: The bakers, being ambitious to extend their   do-mains, declared that a revolution was needed, and, though not exactly   bred  up to arms, soon reduced their   crusty  masters to terms. The tailors called a council of the   board  to see what   measures  should be taken, and looking upon the bakers as the   flower  of chivalry, decided to follow   suit; the consequence of which was, that a   cereous*  insurrection was   lighted up  among the candle-makers, which, however wick-ed it might appear in the eyes of some persons, developed traits of character not unworthy of ancient   Greece. *  The adjective  cereous  means waxen or waxlike. Pronunciation:  par-oh-no-MAZE-jah

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Soccer Essay Samples - an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesnt

Soccer Essay Samples - an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn't Soccer Essay Samples - What Is It? A few of the controversies that were sparked Soccer essay topics is a favourite kind of assignment. While the completely free essays may give you inspiration for writing, they can't be used `as is' because they won't satisfy your assignment's requirements. Please be aware that a few of these college essay examples could possibly be responding to prompts that are no longer being used. To compose an impressive short essay, especially during an examination, you have to be in a position to hit the question and supply a straightforward answer while at the identical time observing the correct structure of an essay. Therefore, obtaining a thorough knowledge is quite essential whilst writing a soccer essay. If you're thinking that you require someone to compose my essay at this time, you can merely rely on our honest reviews. Selecting an essay writing service if you cannot deal to your academic task all on your own is an excellent choice. Writing an essay is a vital role in academe life. Make certain your essay follows a particular format, consisting of the appropriate partsA of essay. Essay writing is normally practiced is schools. It comes in several different forms. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Soccer Essay Samples It's too hard to place in your own creativity within a less quantity of time. Since you can see there are a lot of topics which can be related to sports research papers, which means you can pick the direction and make your own paper on a narrowed topic. There are several new things I learn at practice each and every day. Writing samples ought to be free of errors while showing a general idea about what subjects the business can produce content about. Soccer Essay Samples You could use 1 paragraph to discuss your short-term objectives and another to chat about your long-term targets. Games make the world a terrific place to reside. When marketing the World Cup for the very first t ime, there was the debut of the World Cup logo, which might easily identify FIFA. An individual may receive a couple of people together and a round ball and begin kicking it around and that might be considered soccer. Defenders need to be prepared to make a sliding tacklealert and prepared to back up their teammates in case of a mistake. Free kicks won because of fouls ought to be executed in accordance with the rules governing soccer. Leather balls were still popular despite the debut of the rubber ball. Leather soccer balls started to be water-proofed in the 1950s by means of synthetic paints. A lot of people also started playing a game similar to soccer. It benefits individuals of all ages. A sensible expectation may be half of a game. You are able to also follow up with a telephone call, especially if a coach is not able to email you back. Let's start by saying that I'll call football, as it's known around the planet, soccer. Also, if you'd like to speak with my club coach, I would like to know. In case the coach is very clever, it may be more. You are able to even check out several reviews and after that choose the business that is most suitable for your requirements and very affordable budget. Soccer is of course important in the college recruitment procedure, but in the majority of cases your very first impression on a college coach won't be on the area, it is going to be through an introductory email. The huge pothole on Elm Street that my mother was able to hit each day on the best way to school would be filled-in. Explain the vehicle connection better. The Characteristics of Soccer Essay Samples It's very beneficial to take writing apart to be able to see just the way that it accomplishes its objec tives. Our reviews contain information like the score of the clients, our rating, starting prices, Discounts, and caliber of the papers. It's extremely important to read carefully essay services reviews, because you wish to steer clear of low excellent services. You can also use tutoring services. The players abuse sportsmanship in various ways. While volleyball is quite popular around the planet, it cannot compete with soccer that is the most popular sport on the planet. The sport is very entertaining and fun also. This sport has altered the world in a lot of ways and has now become over a sport.

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Unit 3 Screening and Assessment Free Essays

The Assessment Process Maria Barrezueta Kaplan University The Assessment Process Many sources of energy exist all around us, the two main forms of energy are kinetic and potential. While potential energy is less obvious, kinetic energy can be easier to identify. Energy comes from different sources, some that are renewable and others that have a limited supply. We will write a custom essay sample on Unit 3: Screening and Assessment or any similar topic only for you Order Now The world that we live in has a high demand for energy, and it is important to find alternative sources that are renewable and cost effective. It is beneficial to reflect on the energy that is used daily, try to find ways of using renewable resources, and making it a personal duty to conserve energy by reducing daily usage. Energy is used in many different ways, anything that is able to do â€Å"work† exhibits energy (Trefil Hazen, 2010). Humans rely on food for energy, as our bodies convert food into work (Trefil Hazen, 2010). With so many technical advances, energy has a significant role in our everyday lives. The alarm that is used to wake up, the lights that we use when its dark, the hot water that we use in the morning, the electricity that is used for a blow dryer or straightener, to make coffee and toast, the gas that is used to drive to work†¦it seems as energy sources are in constant use, half the time it happens effortlessly. Electricity is a source of energy that is used for many different appliances that serve our daily needs. It is however a secondary source of energy because it originates from coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear (energy4me. com, 2013). Electricity can be made from renewable sources such as solar energy and wind (Trefil and Hazen, 2010). As electricity makes many of the tools we need functional, gas is also an energy source that is used at home, during travel and at work. Living in California, the weather is not a subject to complain about. Nonetheless, we use the air conditioner in the summer time and the heater in the winter. Some homes use electric stoves while others use gas. All of these energy sources come from petroleum; the energy source that provides fuel for our vehicles, heat for our homes, produces electricity, and is used in many everyday products (energy4me. om, 2013). According to Trefil and Hazen â€Å"Fuels like oil (petroleum), coal, and natural gas are called fossil fuels because they are the result of processes that happened long ago† (2010). Consequently, petroleum a very high in demand source of energy, is not renewable. Renewable energy has become a very important topic, as the need to conserve fossil fuels has increased significantly. When considering renewable resources, different factors exist such as reliability and cost. As mentioned earlier, the two main forms of renewable energy come from wind and solar energy because these sources are reliable and there are no global warming risks involved (Trefil and Hazen, 2010). Wind energy is a renewable source of energy; with the use of wind turbines, it generates electricity with each turn of the blade (energy4me. com, 2013). Since electricity is produced with each turn, the amount of energy obtained depends on the amount of wind available to that region. California has 3 main wind farms and are located in Tehachapi, Altamont Pass, and San Gorgonio (California Energy Commission, 2013). Wind energy is generally higher around spring and summer, which doesn’t make it a reliable source all year long. Using wind energy for personal home use would only work if one lived by the coast. Wind energy is not a renewable energy source that is available to many populations, thus would not be appropriate to residents looking for alternative energy sources. A renewable source that can be more accessible is solar energy, especially in California since energy is obtained from the sun. The use of solar energy has been around since ancient times, the amount of solar power available is endless. The downfall is that when the sun is not shining, there is no power generated. However, living in southern California, using solar energy is more readily available than in other regions because it is typically sunny. To use solar energy, solar panels that produce photovoltaic cells are created, these panels turn sunlight into electricity (energy4me. com, 2013). Another source of renewable energy is hydropower, which uses water to create electricity. Generally hydropower projects consist of a strong flow of water that puts pressure and turns the turbines that generate electricity (energy4me. om, 2013). Hydropower is a reliable source, however it would not be appropriate for southern Californians because the area is too dry and a hydropower project would not work. The main energy source that is used is petroleum, we use it for transportation, heating, cooling, and for its many other benefits. The disadvantage of petroleum is that only a limited supply exists. There is also a possible r isk of environmental damage whenever drilling for petroleum is done. The advantage of renewable energy sources is that the supply relies on the weather conditions. This means that as long as there is sunlight, solar energy can be produced. Wherever wet regions exist, hydropower projects can be set up, just as windy regions can use wind turbines to generate electricity. All of these resources are naturally available, thus allowing an endless supply of energy. Nonetheless, the main disadvantage of all renewable energy sources is that all of the methods discussed are quite costly. Building wind turbines can be expensive, however after they have been built, electricity is generated at no cost. The same with solar energy, it involves a high investment and only works with sunlight. However, the system does last 15-30 years which is a significant amount of time. The hydropower projects are not only pricey, but there is also a risk that it may have an environmental impact by changing the dam area (energy4me. com, 2013). Despite its disadvantage, it does has the capability of creating large amounts of power. It is important to take personal responsibility on the energy that is used, by practicing energy conservation. This can be done * In addition to using alternative forms of energy, energy conservation is also a significant way in which we can reduce our ecological impacts on the environment. Determine areas where you may already practice energy conservation and also identify at least 3 ways in which you can reduce your energy use both at home, at work, and in other actions you take on a regular Shawn_Edwards_Assignment2. doc References California Energy Commission (n. a. ) (n. d. ). Retrieved on April 18, 2013 from: http://www. energy. ca. gov/ Energy Sources (n. a. ) (2013). Retrieved on April 18, 2013 from: http://www. energy4me. org/ National Renewable Energy Laboratory (n. a. ) (2013) Retrieved on April 18, 2013 from: http://www. nrel. gov/ How to cite Unit 3: Screening and Assessment, Papers

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Pygmalion Review Essay Example

Pygmalion Review Paper Essay on Pygmalion too godlike role it plays in her life, and its not very nice . B. Show Still, reread the classics is not something that is useful, but it is necessary. The more reread Show We will write a custom essay sample on Pygmalion Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Pygmalion Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Pygmalion Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Pygmalion is not for nothing was a landmark piece of this master so thin his work Where else can you meet so many subtle humor and irony, as the ability to observe and portray. But how to depict! in this no-frills, all couched in the right proportions, so to speak, is written with taste. this is what Pygmalion is written with integrity and with UWC om , very happy, because after the current literature that I came across last time, consistency and lack of frills in this work -. like a breath of fresh air All of the characters in the many realistic prescribed, even he begin to believe that at the beginning of the last century in London there lived a so-phonetist Pygmalion, who was able to bring out the flower girl Eliza Doolittle Duchess -Galateyu:) You can not help but admire how subtly noticed and spelled out the relationship between the characters is as I am not afraid of this word, it is vital ve ut yourself characters as their actions are logical, even though their (deeds) infantilism. For call a serious act of a dispute between two honorable gentlemen can not. Yes, and sculpting Eliza-Galatea using not name, because two adults never think about how their animated statue will to live more. I remember that when I read for the first time this work, somehow even greater regret noble gentlemen than Eliza. That there should be so stupid ?! It is strange to suspect that the beautiful Galatea will love this Pygmalion:) Specially re-read this book recently recently re-read it in high school, I wanted to recall the wonderful characters and the atmosphere, and humor the book on so much good that it is worth reading more than once as it is known, the most important sign of goodness literature:) the book will be at 100% of interest and those who are just I am watching musicals My Fair lady with O.Hepbern, since the film and the book are unique and compare they do not make sense, so read on and enjoy always !

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Caliban quite complex Essay Example

Caliban quite complex Essay Example Caliban quite complex Essay Caliban quite complex Essay He is using his education to be evil and he is no doubt an evil character. he shows the contrast between the civilised and uncivilised man. This makes Caliban a very complex character, it is the battle between nature and nurture. Although he is educated he is superstitious and uses his education to do anything evil with it that is possible.  Although he is very poetic he is also a savage beast which symbolises the contrasts of people in the world. This is also a way of Shakespeare revealing his characters to the audience. In Act 2 Scene 2 Caliban enters the scene carrying a pile of wood. This symbolises the heavy burden of his duties and his situation both mentally and physically ad might provoke a reaction of sympathy from the audience. He hides under a cloth afraid that prospero has sent someone to torture him for being to slow with the wood. He would sound bitter a hateful. Trinculo enters the stage here and is also afraid but of the storm and hides under the same cloth as Caliban. He identifies Caliban as a fish. This makes Caliban quite complex because although he is not attractive to look at he is educated and sometimes more civilised that the two supposed civilised men. This is also how Shakespeare reveals his characters, through their appearance ad also through the way they speak. For example Caliban speaks in verse but Stephano and Trincuo speak in prose. He sees the fish and proclaims he could make some money out of him by letting people pay to see him. This is a rather evil and selfish thing to do. When Stephano enters the scene he is singing and is very drunk. Caliban thinks he is going to be tortured and begs for forgiveness. Do not torment me prithee : Ill bring my  wood home faster  Stephano has the same idea about making money out of Caliban which shows that Trinculo and Stephano are both lowly characters and not very civilised. Stephano gives wine to Caliban and thinks he is a monster with two voices but soon discovers that it is Trinculo. Shakespeare, in this scene, reveals Stephano and Trinculo as lowly characters using language. Both characters speak on prose. The pair celebrate and Caliban thinks they are gods. These be fine things, and if they be not sprites :  thats a brave god, and bears celestial liquor: I will kneel  to him.  Caliban is a very gullible character and this is one of his complexities. He receives a little kindness and makes the giver an instant god.  Hast thou not droppd from heaven?  He is a primitive character and although he can speak in an intelligent way he is still very superstitious and believes in gods of the sky and moon. This is also a way that Shakespeare reveals Calibans character, through his personality. In some sense he is stupid because he makes lowly people into great gods and is prepared to worship Trinculor and Stephano. He misjudges these characters. I will kiss thy foot: I prithee be my god.  Caliban is called a most ridiculous monster  Which of course is true. During his stupidity he doesnt forget his hatred for prosper and devises a plan to make Trinculo and Stephano the rulers of the Islands. he provokes humour but He is being laughed at not joining in with laughter.  He is making the same mistakes again.  Caliban is most likely better educated that Trinculo and Stephano. The two lowly characters are supposed to be civilised people yet they talk in prose compared to Caliban who talks in verse. This shows a contrast between the characters. Caliban is willing to worship people he is probably more civilised then. I agree that Caliban is a complex character. This is shown by the contrast between his vunerabilty and his venomous nature. Shakespeare reveals this through the appearance of Caliban, his language and the way he delivers his speech. He is a complex character as he can be venomous one moment and then talk about his island and be very poetic and delicate.

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How to Write an Amazon Book Description That SELLS

How to Write an Amazon Book Description That SELLS How to Write an Amazon Book Description That Sells Selling books is a result of two factors: traffic and conversion. While the Amazon book description won't affect traffic (i.e., discoverability), it's one of the most important conversion factors (along with the cover, the reviews, and the "look-inside").For example, author Alessandra Torre self-published her first book on Amazon in 2012, and for the first three months of the release, she sold between five and fifteen copies a day. Then, on a whim, she changed the blurb on her Amazon page and saw her daily sales jump to 300 overnight. Her sales kept doubling to the point where she was selling 2,000 copies a day!What does this tell us? That optimizing your book description for online retailers is critical if you want to actually move copies. In this post on how to write a book description, we’ve condensed the process - for both fiction and non-fiction authors - into three steps:1. The Headline: Hook readers inAmazon only displays the first few lines of your product description, meaning you have very limited space to capture a reader’s attention enough to click on your book and find out more. That’s the role of the headline: if a reader’s attention isn’t grabbed straight off the bat, then you’ve already lost them.Having an effusive and descriptive pull quote for your first line is really effective, and you’ll see the technique used time and again by bestsellers and newcomers alike. Whether your reviews are editorial or reader reviews from Amazon or Goodreads, add them into your description. Word-of-mouth recommendations are great conversion tools.However, if you don’t have any suitable reviews or sales stats to speak of (yet), make sure that your first sentence fea tures a snappy, irresistible hook. The key to a good headline is to include keywords that people on the hunt for their next read will immediately recognize. This could be:GenreMajor themesA series nameAwardsBrands or celebrities involvedTIPS FOR FICTION†¦Here’s an example of a self-publishing author using social validation to hook readers in. â€Å"The million-selling series starts here,† it says, letting readers know that these books are really popular.Sincero’s description uses slightly more formal language for the previous sections of the Amazon page, while she’s still laying the groundwork for acquiring reader trust. She closes the deal by speaking more directly and causally to the reader, and appealing to emotion. They reiterate what readers will get out of the book and invite you to dive in.Tip for optimizing your wrap-up for Amazon: Don’t wait for people to leave reviews on your Amazon page - put them right in the book description your self. The wrap-up is a great place to include them, and if you already have a relationship with some of your reviewers, you can always ask them if you can amend their review slightly to include any keywords you haven’t hit yet. The three steps for writing an Amazon book description that sells. #pubtips And there you have it! Work on your attention-grabbing headline, your enticing blurb, your final selling points and you’ve got yourself an ace book description in the making. It might take a few tries to get it right, but it's more than worth the investment.Of course, if you find that your book is still underperforming even after revising your description, consider working with a professional who specializes in blurb and metadata optimization. These experts understand all the trends and techniques that go into a perfect description and can really help maximize your book's potential! When it comes to Amazon, your blurb and metadata are so important that you don't want to take a chance - so when in doubt, go pro.Have you picked up any of your own tricks for an effective Amazon book description? Leave any questions or thoughts in the comments below!

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MOTIVATION CONCEPTS ANALYSIS Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

MOTIVATION CONCEPTS ANALYSIS - Research Paper Example Motivation is the intrinsic inducement that propels an individual to behave in specific ways. There have been a significant number of literatures covering the nature, theories and applications of motivation and its effect to job performance and satisfaction. Various scholars on human resources revealed diverse theories on motivation over time. In this regard, this essay is written to address the following issues, to wit: (1) choose one of the theories from the "Motivation Concepts Table," and describe how this theory would and would not be applicable if applied to two or more workplace situations drawn from one’s personal experience; and (2) in the instance in which the selected theory of motivation was not applicable to the workplace experience, assess the need to develop and create new theoretical models of motivation in todays changing work environment. What are the ramifications of failing to meet this challenge? Among the issues to consider are effects on personal satisfaction and productivity. The duly completed â€Å"Motivation Concepts Table† is included as an appendix. The motivational theory to be closely examined in terms of applicability to the workplace situation is the drive theory, particularly that of Freud’s. Finally, the workplace to be used for the purpose of determining the applicability of the theory is General Electric. The history of General Electric (GE) dates back in 1878 inspired by the first light bulb invented by Thomas Edison (GE: Fact Sheet, 2010). After 132 years, GE remains to be considered a leader in †global infrastructure, finance and media† (GE, 2010, par. 1) with diverse products and services ranging from appliances, consumer products, energy, lighting, software and services, among others. As a global corporation, it manages more than 300,000 personnel worldwide as of December 2009 (ibid.) According to its website, they are â€Å"renowned for hiring exceptional people and giving them